Jesse White experiences life deeply and shares that depth with everyone she works with. Her teaching and retreat-hosting endeavors have already benefited many people, and her current expansion into larger groups and audiences will share her perceptions of the world with many more.

                         -Anne M Carley, President, Chenille Books



-Madeline McNeely, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator,

In Balance Leadership & Career Coach​, Boston, MA


Jesse’s work opens up your thinking and imagination. Her inquiry skills are masterful. Through her inquiry process, I was reminded of what I deeply cared about. She quickly got me to see that taking the professional next steps I longed for isn’t as complicated as I have a tendency to make them. Jesse is a skilled guide. Well worth spending time with her!





Review by Rhonda Morrison:


Jesse White, Singer,

Songwriter, Poet, Teacher












“Night threw a canopy of stars over all my dreams. There was no blank stare anywhere.  The great magician in me did the unspeakable . . . ”


 Jesse White, the author of those transcendent words, explores the magic of being human with soulful lyrics that bow to beauty and deep heart connection. A natural born teacher, poet and master performer, her original compositions have tender passion that will make you believe you can fly.


Jesse has been performing, publishing and teaching in Santa Fe, New Mexico since she opened her School for Wonder in 1987. A pioneer in self-inquiry and conversational leadership, her experiential courses were a precursor to coaching schools. In the ‘90’s Jesse performed seven days a week in downtown Santa Fe, launching her own music career as live music producer for the Santa Fe Baking Company.  Her series evolved the venue into hosting world-class radio broadcasts on a longstanding morning show for KSFR radio. She co-edited and published Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review, hosting hundreds of poets at public readings. Jesse teaches and hosts retreats in a private luxury home in Santa Fe and worldwide.


Jesse’s original collected works include three of her own CDs on her label, Authentic Voicework Records, two books of poetry, and a forthcoming book called Spontaneous Combustion, The Art of Improvisational Writing. She published 19 New Mexican poets on Poets for Peace, a compilation called The Last Drive for Oregon poet Jim Thielen and Naked Voice spoken word CD for award winner Tamara Madison Shaw. Her School For Wonder is designed to deepen inner awareness and cultivate courage for a more harmonious world.


Birdy Fairchild  (also known as Jesse White)

Jesse has a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter. 

She helped me navigate some difficult terrain I was facing at work and at home.  More importantly, she helped me clarify what the fundamental issues were. This empowered me to find acceptance for the issues I couldn't change, and gave me strength to change the others. I was able to clarify goals, raise my standards, and improve my circumstances significantly at work and in my personal world.


                 -David Fitts, Photographer, Social Justice Advocate

The genuineness of this work you do is such a relief to me. I'm used to

putting on costumes, analyzing, figuring things out. Now I hear the

difference between masked voices, catching in the throat, and deeply

connected voices from the depth of the soul.
                                                               -Laura Schuster, Teacher, Actor, Indonesia

J T, a Musician and Vice President, Bank of America, said this:


It's not a preset curriculum, it adapts to whatever is present and adjusts to make space for whatever comes up. This work, what we do, doesn't get attached to a certain topic, idea or agenda. There is a timeless quality to our conversations.


Jess asks permission to use specific language that works for me, which builds trust and clarity. I'm choosing the language, and the sessions are all about me and what I want to explore. I love that, having this totally focused session that revolves around my experience.


In this work Jess notices resistance with expert skill. The client shapes the underlying direction. By her guiding me, pushing gently, to explore my resistance, I can identify where the fear comes from. Ultimately, her style isn't antagonistic, it's actually freeing, to be nudged out of my comfort zone.







Review of Poets for Peace 2-CD Compilation:​

The poems are strong: An intricate mix of voices inviting us to take a closer look at our lives during war. One of the things that excites and surprises me most about this collection is the gravity of the medium. These audio CDs bring the poets into my home, a poetry reading in my own living room.
                      -Eric Wayne Dickey, Editor of Pacifica: Poetry International

Review of Namesong, The Poetry of Ruth Harrison,

edited, designed and published by Jesse White, School for Wonder:

The poet herself (Ruth F. Harrison) is a gentle observer, with respect for antiquity, for nature's abiding influence and for the people whose lives she knew and shared. Namesong is pulsing with wonderful poems to be read and reread. The forms index alone would be worth the price of the book. A real treasure!                                                                                                         -Virginia Buelke, Poets' Forum Magazine

Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review

Jesse White, Managing Editor and Publisher
Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review is nothing short of a world-class publication.                                                                                           -Oregon State Poetry Association


We can't say enough about Manzanita Quarterly; a classy perfect-bound literary review. There is everything to love about the accessible poetry, the caliber of the work, and just how good it feels in your hands.
                                                –Richard Polese, New Mexico Book Association


Manzanita Quarterly invites readers to pay attention to what really matters. Their seasonal contributor readings are always a hot spot to be in Santa Fe  
                                       –Lynn Cline for The Santa Fe New Mexican, Pasa Tiempo

Reviews of Patient Heart CD by Jesse White​​​


An extraordinarily sensitive artist.        -Joshua Meckler for The South Bend Tribune

​This music tranmits peace.            -John Dinsmore, WGMS, Washington, DC

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Responses from Students and Clients:

Uncommon are the fine performers, with more to give than performance; teachers born, able to cultivate the expression of others. Jesse is one of those rare people.

-Mary Morris, Teacher, Santa Fe, NM

I have shows in four cities this week, but I want to come back and work with you as soon as I get back. Your sense of humor is incredible. You put me at ease right away. You should be teaching at the Omega Institute!

-David Wilcox, Recording Artist, Asheville, NC

Your honesty is refreshing. Thanks for being the kind of teacher that motivates me to be my best. Would you mind if I gave your brochure to my Rabbi? 

-Debbie Jacobs, Student, Miami, FL


You are very gifted, and I always find inspiration through your beautiful and clear insights.

-Mouna Wilson, Voice Teacher, Ashland, OR


You are very truthful and have an honest approach. The most profound thing I saw with you is how I dodge things. . .move sideways instead of straight ahead. I have to know I have a purpose in this life, and that got obscured by cancer. I can't help in the same way I used to.

-Barbara Rollinson, Hospice Client