Birdy Fairchild, Simply Service 

30 years experience in Property Management

Available for Assignment Summer 2020

Management, Staffing, Household Harmony


Commercial and Residential Property Manager  2007-2019

Staffing, Leasing Agency, Casa del Oso, Santa Fe, NM              

Startup Operations Manager, Staffing, Leasing, Reservations, Website Design, Marketing, General Contractor

Premier partner with top industry metrics rank

Earned all 5-star customer service reviews for 12 years Photography, webcam tours, social media, customer service 

Inspections, account reporting, bid solicitation

Remote management and leasing, scheduling, coordinating

All maintenance and vendor contracts for estate


Travel Property Management, Housesitting, 2005- 2019 Security, Staffing, Vendor Contracting, Animal Care, Mail

Professional Service Provider for estates and homes throughout US, Australia, and New Zealand
Property management, business management, security

Bid solicitation, supervision, reporting, project management

Portfolio Manager, Denver, CO. 2004-2005

HOA Manager of portfolio of 300 condominiums at four locations, reporting, project management Community liason for five Homeowner Association Boards. Budget preparation, bid solicitation Community relations, conflict resolution, homeowner disputes, planning, and execution of contracts Performed inspections, scheduled and coordinated move-in and exits, maintenance make-ready staffing


Simply Service, Estate Mgmt, Santa Fe, NM 1994-2007

Property management, leasing, estate care, maintenance, staffing, reports, security, contracting High-profile clientele included Duke John Russell of Bedford, England, color photographer Eliot Porter, Special Ambassador to Nicaragua, Gordon Sumner and numerous visual artists with multiple residences


Performing Songwriter, Authentic Voicework Records

Authentic Voicework Records Singer/songwriter, producer, tours, global distribution w, Itunes and 50+ 
Live performance of over 300 concerts, all original music, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, tour booking manager
Digital recording engineer, website and graphic design, social media, event management, scheduling

Letter of Recommendation 


To Whom it May Concern:


It has been my pleasure to have known and worked with (Birdy) for approximately 12 years now.  During this time she has served most capably as Business Manager, Human Resource Generalist, Maintenance Contractor and a top-ranked Reservations Booking Agent for my luxury vacation rental in Santa Fe, NM. 


I have been a silent partner in the business since 2007, when (Birdy) submitted a proposal to convert our property into a vacation destination.

It was a significant undertaking, to develop a successful business in     Santa Fe just as the market crashed. Many other similar businesses there did not survive. Because of Jesse’s expert business acumen, our proceeds have been significant, with top occupancy ratings over the last decade. 


(Birdy) has successfully hired and supervised superior housekeeping teams, maintenance contractors, marketing partners and social media experts. She has booked and fulfilled reservations for thousands of guests without incident; many who returned annually. Her standards of excellence earned all 5-star customer service reviews on several Premier Partner marketing websites.


I have found (Birdy) to be resourceful, even-tempered, honest, affable and highly professional. She is also someone who willingly shares her professional knowledge with her peers. She has been an excellent business advisor to me, with remarkable dedication, and is well-liked by her staff, contractors and guests.


In spite of my decision to close the business in retirement, I will gladly provide her with an excellent reference as she moves into her next successful position. I have noted the above opinions of mine with pleasure and without reservations.




Private Owner, Employer for 12 years

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