Soothe Yourself

Corona Virus is many things, including an invitation to understand ourselves more deeply, to know what is the same in each of us. Our thoughts chasing answers keep us agitated. We hear the virus news spread the question of “who will die next.” This is not knowable.

This “intolerance toward not knowing” makes us want answers, and we give our power away to the opinions of doctors and leaders. Or we agitate in fear, letting thoughts have authority, moment by moment.

No one speaks about how the virus invites us all over the world, to pause and refresh.

I offer these small suggestions as a show of calm, to soothe and help balance. Take what is useful for your own peace of mind, or let it all go. This is my way of reaching out to soothe, when music is only happening in my home studio. A few ways to see differently, to navigate by when you feel afraid.

Everything rises up from stillness. True, always. When stillness guides our actions, life is simple and clear.

Emotions are energy in motion, changing constantly. When we react to opinions we feel must be the truth, the mind agrees. The mind is incapable of knowing, and yet we grab onto thoughts and fears as though they will save us.

The mind is built to understand and communicate. It’s not designed for making good life decisions, because it won’t tolerate not knowing. Our world is experiencing a virus that allows no one to know. This is the invitation of disease. This is a time of not knowing, displayed across the Earth in a crisis we are all facing. Whether we unite is a choice. Hard to harmonize when we are not self aware. How we calm and still our own awareness matters enormously right now.

Courage is rooted in the heart, which is beating rhythmically, with breath that came unasked.

Focusing on the very tiny pause, where breath changes direction in our body, will refresh our understanding of stillness. We experience stillness, when thoughts are not the authority. This pause, when breath goes to its deepest point in the body, before it turns to come back out, is where stillness lives. Noticing this tiny pause, we suspend the endless need to question.

Change how you listen, by continuing to sit still, watching your breath travel in, pause slightly, and travel out of your body. This is the pause that refreshes. Everything rises up from stillness. Your breath pauses all the time, and you will calm your mind, if you focus on this pause for a few minutes, several times a day. Anytime, anywhere, notice your breath changing direction. Navigate by this inner compass, where your focus learns to be on the pause, and then the change.

Stop listening for answers externally.

Watch and Listen for new ways to arrange patterns of how you live.

If you need to think about something, think of Forgiveness. Forgive the virus for being unknowable with your mind. Forgive it for taking the life of your beloved. Forgive it for making us all pause, be still, ponder the unknowable.

Accept the mysterious nature of your breath, which cannot be understood with the mind. From that awareness, look directly into your own fear of death. We are not in control of what breathes us, and we can forgive ourselves for wanting so desperately to live. In that true understanding, we can love ourselves and what is the same in each of us, in the greatest mystery of all. Even death can never take this possibility of realization from us.

Choose to Release the Tension it takes away from your own calm, to hate or fear what is unknown. This choice unites each and every one of us, no matter where we are in the world. We do not know who will die, whether the virus will come into our body.

Give yourself permission to claim more and more moments of stillness, pausing, inside your awareness. Keep still more often, stay home, walk in the quiet of solitude. Be the most begotten by love and understanding that you have ever been.

This is our birthright, to be still and simply notice how to calm ourselves. We have a much greater chance of surviving if we are calmer, allowing ourselves the deep forgiveness for not knowing, for being human. Love your ability to love yourself quietly, tenderly, even when grieving or in danger of losing your own sacred breath.

We are in this together and I live alone. I have noticed my own calm returned, as I found the courage to offer this invitation to you.

Bless your sweet soul. Feel me radiating love with you whenever you choose. Invite me into your awareness when you need a friend. Yours for Wonder, always, -Birdy Fairchild

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