All Original Music by Birdy Fairchild

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Her music has incredible depth and gorgeous vocals


Sweet but deep, luscious and romantic...

her music is poetry and she has gorgeous, tender melodies

                                                                                      -Page Albright, Guitarist

This music isn't the same old, same old.

There are original details of story that want me to know more.

Her voice is warm the songs hold affirmations that make me feel safe.

                                                                          -Mary McGinnis, Poet, Counselor  

I'm loving that wee-hours mix of dark and light you do,

the minor ninth chords overlaid with sage, positive convictions.

                                                                           -Brady Earnhart, Singer/Songwriter





Birdy Fairchild (AKA Jesse White) has performed live shows since 1994 as a singer/songwriter, poet, motivational speaker and advocate for social justice.

She released three all-original CD’s of her music, and 20 spoken-word artists for Peace on her label, Authentic Voicework Records. She has published two books of poetry, and the work of hundreds of poets in Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review

Birdy Fairchild is the founder of Authentic Voicework Records and the School for Wonder. She engineered and released three albums in the early 2000's

Patient Heart, Soft Power and Unarmed, 

all still available through 50 digital vendors including CDbaby and iTunes.


Birdy is also a pioneer in personal development, designing innovative self-awareness courses since 1987 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her mentoring style of mirroring, recording and empowering you to design your own field of focus was a precursor to popular coaching schools today. She mentors folks from all walks of life, encouraging inner awareness and courage for a more fulfilling and creative life.


Her school’s mission came from a dream she had in 1987, of facilitating a school for inner awareness and creative harmony. She has recorded spoken word albums for over 20 poets, and all are available for digital download at


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Soft Power