About Birdy Fairchild and the School for Wonder


Birdy Fairchild founded the School for Wonder on August 17, 1987 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lived for 26 years. 

Her encouragement shows adults how to align inner strengths with outward abilities, facilitating dynamic self-discovery and life enhancement with inner awareness. Her joy is to cultivate courage, inspire transformational growth and deepen creativity in everyday people for a more harmonious world.

Birdy has taught or performed throughout the United States as a singer/songwriter, poet, speaker for social justice and event host for hundreds of contributing artists and students. She has appeared on television programs, radio broadcasts, and been quoted in various publications on personal growth. She is the author of two books of contemplative poetry, and

co-edited and published Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review. She is a freelance writer, who has written for To Topos Poetry International, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Authentic Voicework Records, The Santa Fe Reporter, Manzanita Quarterly, EnCompass magazine, The Santa Fe New Mexican, New Life News, and others.

Birdy has a unique style of challenging and encouraging, and her deep listening skills bring insight and humor to the sessions.

Her experiential style was a precursor to the development of coaching schools. She is a rascal teacher, who has never planned a session in 30 years of mentoring. 

Original Publications by Birdy Fairchild:

Dominion of Wings, Self-Published Limited Edition Book in a Box, 1996

Oars, Haiku Between Lovers, Co-authored with Mariah Hegarty, 2002

Manzanita Quarterly Literary Review, Managing Editor, Publisher 2000-2004

Namesong, Poetry by Ruth F. Harrison, Editor, Publisher, Designer 2004


Compact Disc Recordings on Authentic Voicework Records:
Patient Heart, CD, Writer, Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Performer 2000

The Last Drive, CD by Jim Thielen, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Producer 2001

Soft Power, CD, Writer, Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Performer 2002

Naked Voice, CD by TM Shaw, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Producer 2003
Poets for Peace, CD, Volumes 1&2, Compilation, Engineer, Producer 2003

Unarmed, CD, Writer, Producer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Performer 2003

I am a naturalist and a non-conformist, who grew up in a large conservative family in the midwest. Differences were not tolerated and I did not fit in with my family. Poetry, piano and guitar became my first languages. I also developed a deep love for being in the quiet in nature, and friendship. I love people from all walks of life.

As a youngster I also focused my attention on excelling at sports. To get in touch with feelings, I went to the woods and wrote poetry. At the same time, I developed a wild sense of humor and loved making people laugh. I picked up a guitar in grade school, and started a band in middle school. Songwriting and performing set me free. At that time, I was afraid to sing. My piano teacher cried when I quit in fourth grade. I loved improvising, and making my own music.

I have great respect for differences. I also enjoy asking compelling questions of both myself and others. No matter who we are, joy is our common essence. Learning to listen deeply has been central in my goals throughout my life.

Like so many of us, I never followed the crowd.  My fascination with nature and beauty was not something I could talk about out loud. Eclectic, quirky, kind, sometimes too serious and occasionally a little deaf to the droning on and on of complainers,  I've come a long way from the tough cookie I was in grade school. I usually have a fresh perspective, which comes forward when you take leaps in your own awareness. I am fascinated by what makes us unique, and bringing out the best in each of us.


As a youngster I excelled at sports, and took awards in baseball, basketball, track and volleyball. Focused attention was a kind of meditation that thrilled me. I was born a deep thinker, and started meditating when I was six. The beauty of union was quickly revealed to me, in the softness of focusing on light coming through slats in the closet door. There was no one to talk to about the amazing feelings I was having inside.  I felt rapturous, melted in the quiet before dawn, where two of my four sisters lay sleeping beside me in our room. I never told them about my experience.

On the outside I was a rugged athlete, kind of tough, and unable to express myself emotionally.  On the inside, the exquisite beauty of nature and harmony were the texture of my awareness. Artistic talent can't thrive in a family that doesn't understand our need for privacy and time to wonder.

I have written and published volumes of poetry, performed hundreds of concerts of all original music, studied somatic body work for many years, trained in a variety of therapeutic practices and always stayed true to my own way of assisting and encouraging. I have had the pleasure and honor of learning with many great teachers in private studies and experiential workshops. 


As we explore, I will do my best to meet you where you are. We can talk about the aspects of your life that are relevant right now, or not talk about anything, if you prefer quiet adventures. Often we reflect on how relationships, resistance, conditioned thinking, attachment and fear affect our  enjoyment. Learning to live a more wholehearted life, seeing ourselves clearly, being comfortable in our own skin is a real pleasure as we work together.

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COGNITIVE CONSONANCE: Harmony and internal consistency, compatibility among a person's attitudes, behavior, beliefs, and/or knowledge.


COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Failure to wonder and learn new information, resistance to facing the truth of ignorant, unchanging perceptions, judgements, beliefs.