School for Wonder

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Answer Your Own Questions

Our style of encouragement is to ask questions and listen carefully, scribing some of what you say, so we have a map of original language to see where you want to focus and grow. 


I don't really "teach," but guide you to answer your own questions by looking inside, reflecting and noticing.


Wherever you want to focus is how we go together. You design the course we take, by letting me know what you want and how you want to change and grow.


Feeling lost, disempowered, afraid and overwhelmed is the everyday normal in these times. I can help you learn to catch your balance, and live a life more congruent with who you are in real and practical ways. Grief, outrage, loss ... we need each other more than ever.

Your self-perception is naturally accurate, when you turn within yourself to hear your own answers, rather than relying on someone else to tell you what to think and do.​


Natural Beauty and Inner Strength

You will notice conditioned patterns of hearing, seeing, looking, speaking. Old habits are replaced with new, fresh perspectives. 

You become more self-reliant, realizing the beauty of your own strengths. You make the changes you are ready to make.   


You let go of being dependent on anyone else for motivation, and cultivate the courage to accept yourself as you transform and grow. 


The result is you begin to hear yourself more clearly, and identify how you want to go off the map of habits and conditioned thinking.


See Yourself Clearly

You enter into a whole new relationship ...

with Your Self, People You Meet, How You Understand Differences, Intolerant Behavior Patterns, Restlessness, Sexuality, Loving, Creativity, Spirituality ...


I'm not only witnessing and asking questions, I'm also reflecting your own words back to you, mirroring with what you actually say.


That clear mirror IMMEDIATELY gives you insight into patterns, and frees you up to move beyond habitual behavior.

You become more fully yourself, life is more vivid and you engage wholeheartedly, without judgement and shame.


Reflections and Scribing

As you talk, I sometimes scribe, or record your words, to keep a clear mirror and reflect with you. I support you to listen within for your own answers.  


You begin to see and hear what has long been obscured by conditioned ways of thinking, history and blind spots.

Your self perception becomes more congruent with how you actually live in the world. You get closer to the one you've always wanted to be.


​Together, we tailor sessions around your interests and the content you are moved to explore. 


Our sessions are about uncovering subtle awareness, living a more inspired, honest life and cultivating courage.


We invite you to pause and notice the difference between what is


only happening in your mind,

                       . . . and what is actually happening! 




Sliding Scale Fee 

Based on Your Income


Credit Cards, Cash or Paypal




This is a time when taking things personally must end. REFRESH yourself with these simple practices of noticing. Balance and calm are vital to keep immune systems strong. 


Being aware means embodying FRESHNESS. We can give new vitality to the larger body of humanity, by being clear and realizing how we interfere, with Inner Fear. 


Fear compromises the immune system. We can't be FRESH if we are agitating in fearful thoughts and emotions. This is an example of how to go inward for calm and quieting of the mind. 

Inside your body is an Automatic Antidote to Agitation. It is a tiny pause your breath takes, before it leaves your body when you exhale. Think of it as THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. 


We can choose to nourish our bodies and REFRESH OUR PERSPECTIVE by noticing this tiny pause. To do that, we can choose to take quiet, calming breaks. Fifteen minutes of watching your breath automatically arrive, move silently into your body, and take that tiny pause before it changes direction to exhale will CALM YOU DOWN. 


Take a pause from reading this now, and watch your breath take a tiny pause, when it changes direction. Close your eyes, breath normally, and notice that pause. Stay still for a few minutes, and keep your attention on just this tiny pause in your breath.


By slowing down, noticing, we teach ourselves to SEE INSIDE OUR BODIES, how breath travels. We begin to notice thoughts coming in, distracting us from staying focused on that tiny little PAUSE that REFRESHES.  Thoughts are naturally distracting, AND you can train your mind to return to FOCUSING on the little pause of your breath.


The mind loves to think about itself. That is it’s job, when you think about it! Thought wants our attention, and it yanks our focus away with a stream of thoughts when we are afraid. But we have a choice, to simply refocus on that little change in direction, from inward to exhale. We can learn to SEE EACH THOUGHT AS A CUE TO REFOCUS ON YOUR BREATH. The thought is telling us to turn our attention back to THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES. 


As you do this simple process several times a day, the MUSCLE OF FOCUS will begin to notice thought cues more naturally, and return focus to the breath and the pause it takes. Changing direction, breath has a sweet spot, inside the body. Be subtle with your awareness, and notice how this sweetness begins to soften your body, help you relax.


We can't stop thoughts, but we can notice them, refocus on breath and pausing. Then thoughts float in the spaciousness of the mind, as they are designed to do. This is mind in its natural state… thoughts floating, allowed to come and go, without disturbing us. They aren't as menacing and tempting, when we sit still and calm all the way down. 


With the Corona virus spreading, we seek an authority outside our own body, to tell us what to do, what to think, how to feel. Fear feeds on thoughts and creates emotional reactions in the body. The mind isn’t designed to make life choices. Its job is to understand, and integrate information. Since everything rises up from stillness, we make smarter choices when we REFRESH OUR PERSPECTIVE quietly. Being still is highly underrated!

Feelings are temporary, and they change constantly. Our feelings can only REFRESH when our awareness is clear. We are not separate from each other. We are intricately and miraculously INTERCONNECTED and UNITED with EVERY LIVING THING. 


When thoughts get carried away, and our emotions run wild with fear, our bodies can’t experience full functioning. The illusion that we have to be upset can be dispelled simply.


Being FRESH in our awareness means noticing what never changes. Your breath is constant, even when shallow. It ALWAYS CHANGES DIRECTION AFTER THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES.

We are free to choose where we put our attention. Our calm is needed more than ever now. We interfere with wellness, by giving authority to thoughts, which cause INNER FEARS, in the tangled emotions of fearful thinking.


Give authority to the sweet spot of your breath changing direction, calming you down. Sit still, notice breath coming into your body and leaving freely. We can nourish ourselves and FRESHEN our awareness. We can CREATE NEW WAYS OF LIVING and SEEING. Noticing is a gentle friend, when we place our focus on the natural peace of being still.


If you are sick and breathing is difficult, notice what happens if you focus on the small rise in your chest. It's still a miracle. You are ALIVE. If your body needs to take a smaller breath, and has a shallow rise in your chest, see what happens if you allow that tiny movement to be enough. See how your body relaxes when you feel GRATEFUL that your breath comes to you unasked. 


We are all being asked to consider death, to learn and grow into a deeper understanding of our own mortality now. Allow yourself permission to face the possibility of your own death. See what happens if you witness yourself considering this possibility. You are not alone. This is one of the gifts this crisis brings to humanity. We can experience our own mortality, and regardless of our life circumstances, feel the pulse of humanity being asked to REFRESH.

Choose to notice what happens in your own and others health care, without trying to use your mind to manipulate the circumstances. BREATHE DEEPLY. Give your body and breath the full support of your entire focus, and slow down. 


If you are sick, It will not help to struggle against the health care system, it will only weaken your ability to heal. If you are supporting a loved one who is sick, KEEP YOUR BALANCE IN FOCUS and take time to notice the pause in your own breathing. Be the most begotten by love, empathy and understanding that you have ever been.

If we do not face our own fear of death or losing someone right now, and choose to CREATE NEW WAYS OF LIVING, we perpetuate more death and illness. 


Being still and noticing the DIFFERENCE between what ONLY HAPPENS IN THE MIND and what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING...this is where we can calm those fears. If you or your loved one are actually dying, be still and listen in, lean in deeply, where your ability to allow things to be the way they are is activated. Sorrow doesn’t prevent us from allowing things to be the way they are, when we allow ourselves to be graceful.


The mind wants authority more than ever right now. It will tell you to grab onto every thought or news that passes by. What never changes is waiting for you to ATTEND. Being still, noticing all those crazy thoughts and fears going by, witnessing your mind, and choosing to see that you are ACTUALLY SITTING STILL ... this is when the little smile you've been missing curves up in your lips. Our natural essence is PURE JOY. 


I offer these reflections from my own experience, as an elder who has been sick for the last month. I overcame 40 years of chronic pain by calming and soothing my body, and writing and singing music. Writing to give you a taste of your own everlasting, creative beauty has allowed me to feel close to you. I live alone, in a new town, and welcome new friends.

The work I have done for the last 30 years is mentoring in these realms.


Please feel free to reach out to me for help. Send me a message or find me through this website. I will call you for a conversation, and slide my fee scale down to twenty dollars if you need that. It gives me great pleasure to help, and I invite you to ask. We need each other more than ever, and there is a reciprocity of grace in REFRESHMENT.