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Birdy Fairchild      (also known as Jess)

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We Help You Lean In and Listen
to Hear Your Own Answers
Focused Awareness for People from All Walks of Life

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Cultivating Courage and Creativity for a More Harmonious World since 1987 

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Our style of encouragement is to ask questions and listen carefully, scribing some of what you say, so we have a map of original language to see where you want to focus and grow. 


We don't really "teach," but guide you to answer your own questions by looking inside, reflecting and noticing. Whether that focus is on music, relationships or self awareness, you design the course we take, by letting me know what you want.

Your self-perception is naturally accurate, when you turn within yourself to hear your own answers, rather than relying on someone else to tell you what to think and do.​


You allow yourself to notice conditioned patterns of hearing, seeing, looking, speaking. Old habits are replaced with new, fresh perspectives. 

You become more self-reliant, realizing the beauty of your own strengths. You make the changes you are ready to make.   


You let go of being dependent on anyone else for motivation, and cultivate the courage to accept yourself as you transform and grow. 


The result is you begin to hear yourself more clearly, and identify how you want to go off the map of habits and conditioned thinking.


You enter into a whole new relationship ...

with Your Self, People You Meet, How You Understand Differences, Intolerant Behavior Patterns, Restlessness, Sexuality, Loving


I'm not only witnessing and asking questions, I'm also reflecting your own words back to you, mirroring with what you actually say.


That clear mirror IMMEDIATELY gives you insight into patterns, and frees you up to move beyond habitual behavior. You become more fully yourself, life is more vivid and you engage wholeheartedly, without judgement and shame.


As you talk, I sometimes scribe, or record your words, to keep a clear mirror and reflect with you. I support you to listen within for your own answers.  You begin to see and hear what has long been obscured by conditioned ways of thinking and blind spots. Your self perception becomes more congruent with how you live in the world. 


​Together, we tailor sessions around your interests and the content you are moved to explore. 


Our sessions are about uncovering subtle awareness, living a more inspired, honest life and cultivating courage.


We invite you to pause and notice the difference between what is


only happening in your mind,

                       . . . and what is actually happening! 




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